1.1 Cancellation by Buyer

(a) Before Delivery of Product

A Buyer may cancel their purchases without the YeongHui Beauty’s approval at any time before the Product status on the Website is stated as “Peparing for Delivery”.

(b) During Preparations for Delivery

Once preparations for delivery of the Product are in progress (where the status on the Website is stated as “Preparing for Delivery”), any cancellation will require the YeongHui Beauty’s approval, subject always to the terms of the YeongHui Beauty Agreement.

(c) After Delivery of Product

Once a Product has been shipped out, the status for the order on the Website shall be changed to “Shipping in Progress” on the Website. The order can no longer be cancelled at this point.

Care of Products

Where a Buyer is not within time to effect cancellation of an order for a Product during the periods set out above, and the Product is subsequently delivered, the Buyer must not use the Product and shall take all such care so as to ensure that no damage occurs to the Product. In the event of any damage caused to the Product, the Buyer will need to bear the costs for any consumption of, wear and tear or damage caused to the Product.

1.2 Cancellation by YeongHui Beauty

YeongHui Beauty may cancel an order where there is inadequate stock to fulfil such order, where there will be unreasonable delay in sourcing of the Products or where the Product has been wrongly advertised or priced. In such instance, the Buyer:

(a) will be notified of the cancellation via the Website system; and

(b) shall be entitled to a full refund of the purchase price paid and shipping fees.

YeongHui Beauty may also cancel an order where the buyer has given incorrect information or during the attempt of delivery, item has been rejected to be received. In such instance, the Buyer:

(a) will need to bear the shipping cost of the item.

YeongHui Beautys are advised to read this Policy together with the YeongHui Beauty Agreement with regard to the grounds when a YeongHui Beauty may reasonably cancel an order.

Repeated cancellations without proper cause/justification, which result in a YeongHui Beauty being unable to comply with the YeongHui Beauty Service Levels, shall entitle the Company to impose such penalties on such YeongHui Beauty as provided for under the YeongHui Beauty Agreement.